Men’s Hair, styl..

style guru

Men’s Beard, the style guru on Anne’s Lane, the progression of style is personal, especially with Ger. A timeline of genuine design.  From then and now.

Men’s Hair, pass..

curly hair trends

Men’s Hair, passé in Piazza dei Mercanti-Milan, there are moments when something that seems out fashion is absolute style. Pure curls!

Men’s Hair, clas..

mens hair trends

Men’s Hair, classic in Piazza del Duomo-Milan- when I think of a modern classic, this is a great example of a timeless gentleman’s haircut that’s not fussy, it is just pure style.

Women’s Hair, ha..

afro hair trends

Women’s Hair, happy on 53rd St. NYC, Kierra’s hair is adorned with lively little curls. There are some hairstyles that bring on a smile….and this is one of them..beautiful! #TBT

Women’s Hair, st..

bob hair trends

Women’s Hair, still on Anne’s Lane, Niamh’s bob inspired haircut still remains a modern classic.  Styled smooth, cool and slightly undone.  Color is fused brunette and gold for texture without beginnings or ends to compliment a warm complexion.

Women’s Hair, pi..

pink hair color trends

Women’s Hair, pink on Pride’s Lane-Dublin, Orla’s rich pink hair color combined with soft peach is bright, dimensional and delicately dazzles!

Women’s Hair, re..

urban hair trends

Women’s Hair, relaxed on Synge St. a cool; elegant hairstyle worn in comfort creates an easygoing vibe for Emma’s urban glamour. Color is varied and fused with a combination of cool and warm blonds to accentuate natural movement.

Women’s Hair, jo..


Women’s Hair, joy on Molesworth Pl. Imogen’s long wavy hairstyle is full of warm, soft shades of summer blond. The natural light hair color combined with a hint of balyage, styled without fuss has everything a girl with long hair would want!  The simplicity of long hair left undone is joyful and truly best left […]

Men’s Hair, to b..

hair color trends

Men’s Hair, to be on Chancery Lane, to be continued…. definitely!